Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My post college life. Through the eyes of my 9 y/o nephew.

I am cooking dinner in February (after living here for a month). Caden is sitting at the table playing cards. He looks up and asks 
"Auntie Aimee? You've been here for awhile. What do you do?"
"I take care of you and Maisie."
"Oh. When are you gonna get a real job?"

A month later, Caden walks up to me while I cook dinner and asks
"Auntie Aimee, why are you here?" 
"what do you mean Caden? I'm cooking dinner..?"
"No, I mean in this house in Seattle?"
"Oh, I came so I could spend time with you and get to know Maisie before I live in Europe. And to help out around here."
"Oh, I see. So you came to take care of us and mooch off of our good fortune.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sophomore Essay

I'm writing on the Confessions of St Augustine! So excited...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am officially jobless and homeless in seattle. Well, not homeless, i have many homes thanks to my amazing friends and family. My last day of work was Saturday. I had a shift at the cafe that ended with me being held hostage until 8:30 pm, four hours past the end of my shift. By the time it ended, i was soo happy to leave. goodbye Brasa, EBC, housecleaning, and babysitting; and hello world!
After i got off work, i made a frantic grocery run for my camping trip on sunday-monday, got all my gear into the car, and ran off to my friend Dylan's show. Dylan is leaving seattle, so it was the last show that his band will ever play(I hope not..reunion tour!) I made it in time to hear the last four songs. the show ended abruptly when Dylan's violin was dropped and broken. I stayed and hung out with Dylan and his friends/fans until 1, when he headed to afterparties. i walked over to one of my favorite haunts lava lounge to meet up with Dave and a couple other brasa kitchen boys. It was a gathering to celebrate Dave giving his notice at Brasa. All five of us ended up at Dave's, and we proceeded to celebrate until 7:30 in the morning. Took a three hour nap, then went on a coffee and pizza run before we ever so slowely went off to join the world. It took Dylan and me a few more hours before we were awake, at our houses, and ready to leave for our camping trip. Finally left seattle at 1:30. Arrived at the campground just in time to set up our tent, take a walk and make dinner. Time flew by and before we knew it, we had to pack up and leave. We had a blast. drove back to seattle on monday night, and Dylan flew off to work at burning man this morning. Hopefully we will meet again.
Yesterday morning i slept in until 10, it felt weird to say the least. i sat up, looked around, and realized...i don't have a job anymore. no more schedules, no more rushing to catch my bus. pretty weird. my goal for the day was to spend as much time with caden as possible. which i did. He left today to go on a trip with Boone, and i won't see him again before i head off to school. sad. i'm really going to miss that bugger. and everyone else in seattle..
I have ten days off before i fly out. ten days to pack my life into three boxes and a carry on. Besides packing, i'm going to the doctor, getting a haircut and hanging out with all the people in my life as much as possible. is going to be a party every night. and it's going to be amazing.
On thursday the 20th(Bethany's birthday...oops!) I'm flying to Tulsa to visit mom, chip, wyatt, heather, holly, and anyone else who happens to be there. i'll spend a couple days with them, then i fly off to maryland. Acacia and i are planning to go to maine or new york, but we'll decide when i get there. we aren't sure how tired we'll be from traveling. thankfully, we're Pappas'; we recover fast. We are going to havesome sort of adventure before school starts, even if that only means laying on her bed giggling into the wee hours of the morning.

I am sad to be leaving Seattle and very excited for this new chapter in my life.
i hope to find a nice balance between those emotions.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


no more pictures till it's fixed.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I was unable to blog or facebook during my trip, which was probably a blessing in disguise; i spent more time with people. I also only took pictures with acacia's camera, so there won't be any on here...sorry.

This past month has been crazy! I am still trying to process all the conversations i had and people i met(or met again). I've been to Maryland twice, and visited St John's as many times, but this was the first time it's been my school. It was awesome, and exhausting. Things take on a whole different life when they become yours. i love it.

The whole family was together for the first time since christmas last year..i love being able to walk through Annapolis and run into little groups of family everywhere i go. I got to see acacia, and i can't wait to be in school with her next year. when she went off to st john's, conversation seems to have taken on a whole new meaning for her. it's been difficult for me to keep up, but now i have a ray of hope that by the end of next year we will be on a similar level. she is in georgia right now, and i miss her. no random 6am Saturday wake up calls. I'm working on getting skype so we can talk over the internet. i seem to have fallen behind the times, acacia emailed me telling me to get skype, and i had to look up what it was...hmm. the same thing happened with my dad the other day, he mentioned twitter, and i had to have him explain to me what the site was for. needless to say, i haven't been online much lately.

The first week was fun and incredibly busy. run here-run there-go back to start-pay a fine. i had a great time.

The second half of the trip was very weird(in a good way). I had a day of airport horror that i will not go into, and finally arrived in orange county at around 4pm on wednesday. Per picked me up from the airport and we had a great conversation on the drive back to her house. she is lovely. during my visit she kept saying that her hair made her look like a bald eagle, but i think it's beautiful. we got home, ate dinner, then i went for a walk. I haven't really walked around Claremont in over two years, and during that period, my fairytale village has disappeared. there is a whole new development that the Claremonters call "New Pasadena". an accurate title. a little chunk of city in a small town. i don't live there anymore, so i can't complain. but now i don't have a place to revisit all my childhood memories. only the people are left, and i guess that's the only thing that truly matters.

I went to a series of parties over the span of the next five days. it was an interesting experience. I've spent the past four years avoiding anything "high school" and here i was, dropped right into the last week of senior year. i had fun, it seemed like every time i turned around i ran into someone from my 4th or 7th grade classes. friends and acquaintances. it was great, they're all grown up now(kind of).

thursday-sunday was spent in Claremont. Annie picked me up on monday morning and i spent the day with her and had memorial day party with her boyfriend steve and her roommates(which was a lot of fun). i got very sunburned. On tuesday morning, she dropped me off at Evan's new studio in pasedena. We spent a couple hours talking in his garden, then he had to go work for his aunt. I spent the afternoon hanging out with huxley and looking at all his new glass creations. later, he took me for a ride on his bike to see the neighborhood. we went shopping, and made dinner...lost track of time talking, got back to the k-d's house very late. it was a nice visit, hopefully we can do it again soon.

On friday grandma drove up from palmdale to visit with per and me. She and i picked up coffee, walked around the village, and then met up with per for lunch. it was great to see her. I've really missed her company. (thank you for a wonderful afternoon grandma!)

before my trip, i made a list of people i really wanted to spend time with. i saw all of them. Per, grandma, evan, rosie(and all my other girlfriends from sycamore), micah, annie, and everyone else i hung out with; thank you all so much for a fantastic week!

there was only one picture i managed to take during my trip, it's of grandma carol and me. i can't upload it right now, so you'll have to wait.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Proud parent of two monsters made by another.

Here he tells me about the snowman he made mostly by himself...he was so happy that he made it. he told everyone.

another video of him playing and hanging out...