Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is my new love...i love. love . lover. hehe

MiHyon's birthday party...fun fun fun. good people. good food. good wine. and lot and lots of dancing.

i got there around 9pm. most of the people gone, but the brasa crew was still there.

dance party...

soo cool

Kallista and i have been getting acupuncture. me to help with my headaches, kallista for her back. having needles tapped into you is a very weird feeling. this week in addition to the normal places (hands, feet, legs, neck and chest) i had five needles in my ear. i had no idea how many points were in your ear...it's a baby map of your body. crazy.

deep breath. tap. deep breath. tap. twist twist.


I was reading the other morning and there was a paragraph that said everyone lies, no matter how honest they are. then this morning my dad was talking to my brother about experience and how it alters your perception of the world.

If every person looks at the world from a different perspective, as if through a lens. Some peoples lens will be dirtier than others...but none are clean. Everything you see is blurred, and when your brain processes it, it is skewed by your perception of life and your experiences. Thus when anyone speaks, they lie. Not intentionally, but they do lie because the truth has been altered by their perception of the world. And when you listen to someone speak, your mind takes the already skewed idea, and looks at it through your own dirty lens.

Is it possible to tell the truth?

Can you learn to clean your lens? To take information and not compare it to your own experiences...is that wisdom? Or is wisdom what you get when you let your lens get as dirty as possible, to look at the world through a lens of experience? Do you clean the glass to gain knowledge, and dirty it for understanding...