Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got a job!

I had and interview at Elliott Bay Cafe last Thursday, it was pretty chill, and we were finished within 15 minutes. Jonathon(manager)called me in the next morning. So, I officially have a second job!

Tamara Murphy (partial owner of Brasa, as well as the head chef) recently took over EBC, renovated, and reopened a few weeks ago. It's a bookstore cafe, so the menu is pretty basic, but it has an almost gourmet twist. We make sandwiches, soups, salads, specials, baked and other sweets, and coffees, teas, and wine. I am an expediter, making non-espresso drinks, grabbing pastries, ringing people up, etc. My first day was fun, the head barrista is a theater student from Montana, he is very expressive and bubbly, and his optimistic attitude is infectious. I'm excited to be working in a cafe again, with people i like. (and fantastic tips)

... AND IT'S SNOWING! Maybe we'll have a White Christmas after all. :)

Caden drew a picture for me!

He drew this on Bethany's phone: