Monday, March 2, 2009

foods are nice

I made this the other day. yogurt, nuts, berries and molasses. so delicious. i wish i was eating this right now...that would be amazing. either that or taking a nap. hmm.

On to more important matters...
I just submitted my application to St John's! It's finally done...well not completely. They can't accept me until I take the SAT on the 15th. So everything hinges on that. I'm a little nervous because I haven't done anything school related since I tested out of high school in 2007. I'll have to study really hard.

But for now..I'll take that nap.

clothing that flies

I got the job in the fashion show! It's set for May 9th. I went to meet Niilartey last Thursday. Bethany and MiSuk were going to accompany me, but when I showed MiSuk a picture of him online she exclaimed "OH..him, I know that guy from like ten years ago. He's really nice. I didn't know he was still in fashion.." So I went to meet him by myself. We discussed the show, he had me walk for him, and I was thoroughly embarrassed, realizing I probably walk like a farmer. Suk is going to help me out with that. As we were talking, he starts looking at me funny, and then asks if I would be interested in a job as his assistant. I said yes.

Yesterday was my first day as his assistant. My first official duty is to get his disastrous studio clean so he can start fitting the models for the show. I got a surprising amount of it done in the 3 hours I was there. After that I'll be arranging fittings for the models, doing random busywork for him(e.g. filling his pin cushions and clipping pictures out of magazines), and researching things online. I'm really excited, because he originally went to school to be a painter, and does all sorts of other things on the side, which includes designing clothes. (which are beautiful). A couple months ago, when Annie was here, we found this random little dress shop and went in. Apparently while I was looking through the store, I picked up close to 5 neodandi pieces that I loved...weird coincidences. you gotta love them.

pretty sweet.