Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Proud parent of two monsters made by another.

Here he tells me about the snowman he made mostly by himself...he was so happy that he made it. he told everyone.

another video of him playing and hanging out...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Monsters eat babies!

Caden and Jackson playing with clay.

Monsters go RAAWR...this one kiss babies, and this, this one go and eats babies.

School and other things

To those of you out there that haven't heard, I have officially been accepted to St John's! Though it would surprise me if any of you didn't know, for Acacia proved so thorough in her quest to spread the news, that I think I was the last to know. I got off work at Elliott Bay Cafe to discover a slew of mostly incoherent congratulations and screaming. I went through 5 messages before I found out what the fuss was about.

My travel plans are now set. I'll be in Annapolis from the 14th-20th, and in Claremont/LA area from the 20th-28th. I am going down to see my dearest Per and family, but I hope to go on some adventures as well; and grab coffee with friends.

In other news, Kallista got 5th place in her regional gymnastics competition! Now her ankle is sprained, and we are waiting to see if she'll be able to compete in nationals. I hope so.

I have a new garden! I got myself a plot in a community P-patch about a block away! It's so beautiful. I plant, and I wait, they sprout, and I weed. I love the cycle, it makes me so happy to see things growing in a space that belongs to me.(at least for a year)

I quit my job as Niilartey's(the designer) assistant, life was getting hectic, and I couldn't afford to waste my time with him anymore. It was decided between us that I would still be in his show, but when he no-showed(the fourth time) for a fitting last week, I called it stops. It's a bummer, but not as big a deal as I previously thought. Work has been hard, last week, I made it through a few days working from 8am-3am. stupid last minute cleaning favors. In hopes of going to school prepared, I am working more and trying to save. I work in a restaurant, a cafe, as a cleaning lady, and as a babysitter...and it still seems like i don't make enough to cover the bills.

At the moment, I'm happy to just sit in the sun, pulling weeds in my lovely garden, as my skin prickles in the breeze.