Wednesday, September 2, 2015


My post college life. Through the eyes of my 9 y/o nephew.

I am cooking dinner in February (after living here for a month). Caden is sitting at the table playing cards. He looks up and asks 
"Auntie Aimee? You've been here for awhile. What do you do?"
"I take care of you and Maisie."
"Oh. When are you gonna get a real job?"

A month later, Caden walks up to me while I cook dinner and asks
"Auntie Aimee, why are you here?" 
"what do you mean Caden? I'm cooking dinner..?"
"No, I mean in this house in Seattle?"
"Oh, I came so I could spend time with you and get to know Maisie before I live in Europe. And to help out around here."
"Oh, I see. So you came to take care of us and mooch off of our good fortune.